Orphea, a leading player in Digital Asset Management solutions, releases the version 4.5 of its software.
Orphea 4.5 is the result of several months of development which feedbacks and requests of many clients have been taken into account (120 clients in 10 countries).

Advanced management & new video player

Generation of virtual extracts (TC In & Out), direct access to the sequences associated and proposed by the administrator.
From the video pop in, the user can generate and then download formats on the fly, post directly the video on the social networks or get a shared url and embed code to integrate it into another application

Saved searches (thematic folders)

Register your regular and important queries. For each new connection, in your menu, the system keeps you inform of the new documents that match your queries :

Improvement of tools and sharing links & newsletters

A simpler screen to manage all sharing options, according to the users access rights.
Several templates of emailing for the newsletters (to adapt according to the content to send).


Generation of specific formats on the fly: 

For the photo, set different sizes in the download on the fly.

For the video, set additional encoding systems to those predefined and generate your videos on the fly.
Geolocation searches on the Front Office

Integration of the Lamark technology for the digital tattoo. And allow the beneficiaries a unique identification of their media.

Improvement of the CMS function: with the possibility of preparing multi criteria queries.

Optimization of the workflow systems and alerts: Including the notification to users who downloaded items arrived at the end of rights.

And much more! : Mosaic brickwall, flipbook, videos slideshow, feature informations and attachments, Front Office uploader, multilingual input, multi-templates for emailings….

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