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Orphea guides its clients throughout the lifecycle of their Digital Asset Management solution. Orphea offers services in auditing, specifications, and change management assistance. Its teams pull out all the stops to make your photo or media center a lasting success. The company draws upon hundreds of projects carried out over more than 20 years to delivery to you the best practices in Digital Asset Management (DAM).

A dedicated team

Our consultants, project managers, and document specialists will guide you throughout your project in order to:

Advise you and guide you towards best practices and technologies


Conduct a custom audit of your project and media


Standardize the filing and recovery of your data and media


Assist and guide you in change management.


The 10 key steps to your DAM Orphea project


Study and deep analysis for organizing your data, defining the reference base, and creating technical architecture specifications.


Designing user interfaces in order to create a custom application in your image.


Implementing the technical environment (local or hosted).


Configuring the functional solution and setting its parameters.


Creating interfaces and special functions.


Porting over data and reference bases.


Integration testing and acceptance help.


Starting production.


Document management for your content.


Support and maintenance.

Content management

Orphea has its own content management department. Our document specialists will assist you in enacting procedures and standards for uploading documents and media, classification, indexing, publication, and distribution.

When each project is launched, our Content Managers meet with the client in order to learn all about their brand and business processes. This allows them to offer tailored guidance for each organization, whether it’s one-time-only or long-term.

Guidance over time includes multiple services, such as:


Data collection, text information, and usage rights.


Advice and assistance in defining media/document formats.


Data processing and approval of materials uploaded by contributors.


Indexing documents and vocabulary management.


Classifying documents and media and applying restrictions (distribution and access rights).


Updating the vocabulary, thesaurus, and reference base of the media or photo center.


Administrative management: Statistics, tracking and validating user accounts and account requests.


Making use of image and media banks, publishing news, and managing editorial pages.


Sending newsletters and e-mails from the platform.


Functional support to users.

Our image archivists also pay close attention to your media’s usage rights and offer you assistance in this matter: Collecting contracts, associating media and contracts, providing standard contract templates, permissions for people in photographs, etc.


The training of our clients is essential in order for them to quickly learn the tool and be fully self-sufficient in managing their media. That’s why Orphea offers custom training to its clients in order to help them adopt their media platform and become operational very quickly.

The training sessions are held in English or French.

Depending on the profile – administrator or users – our team of trainers offers three types of training:

  • “Standard” training for contributing users, in order to train them in the tool’s basic features.
  • “Premium” training for proficiency in special features.
  • Advanced “Custom” training for administrators and high-level users in order to give them deep insight into functional aspects.

Example of issues covered in training:

  • General indexing parameters.
  • Defining and configuring various descriptive headings (standard, IPTC, and customized).
  • Managing document storage volumes.
  • Managing document input channels in the system.
  • Administrative tools.
  • XML manuals import tool.
  • Dictionaries installed at initialization, adding to the dictionary based on indexing.
  • Keyword management: Validating words, adding synonyms and translations.
  • How to use synonyms and translations…


To meet your specific needs, Orphea offers two hosting solutions: Local hosting on your own site, or via our Orphea datacenter.

Local mode

This solution allows your servers to be managed and maintained by anyone. This gives you control over your infrastructure and the ability to update it based on your requirements.

Hosted mode

This solution relies on our Orphea datacenter in France. This hosting mode enables fast, secure deployment, continuous uptime (99.95%), and regular updates. Our teams support all common operations for monitoring and maintaining your technical environment:

  • 24-hour monitoring of resource allocation.
  • 24-hour response to system incidents in accordance with contractual availability SLAs.
  • Managing backups and synchronization.
  • Generating operational reports.
  • Firmware updates.

Support and maintenance

Orphea provides total support to its clients in order to assist them in the use of their Digital Asset Management tools. This service is provided by an expert and experienced team that responds promptly to your requests.

Two types of maintenance are available: Corrective and upgradeable. The first is necessary for you to use your media center and gain all of its benefits without difficulty. The second enables you to be up-to-date on new versions and new features. It provides occasional updates and upgrades.

All requests are monitored via a CRM that makes it possible to track requests and assign them to the right people.



Managing your digital assets: The 4 essential steps

The goal of this free whitepaper is to detail for you the 4 steps that will ensure optimal use of your Digital Asset Management solution, as well as efficient use of your media.

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