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Digital Asset Management, often known by its acronym DAM, is a system for managing media and digital content. It’s a technology that allows businesses or organizations to store, organize, enhance and share digital resources intuitively from a secure, centralized source.

It can be used in many ways: Photo center, media center, brand portal, brand center, media sales platform, E-Learning platform…

Photo & media centers

Orphea’s Digital Asset Management technology is most commonly applied to photo and media centers, whether public or shared internally.

A photo center is a collaborative platform that centralized and manages thousands, if not millions of photos and images. Photo agencies, press agencies, associations, research institutes, local governments, etc. have used Orphea’s DAM solution to better utilize and distribute their image archives.

A media center is a platform similar to a photo center, which can contain, in addition to photos and images, other types of media: Animation, video, sound, HTML files, documents, etc. in hundreds of formats.

We use Orphea DAM to manage and highlight our media base by categories for our community of communicators and for our clients. Users can thereby download multimedia files and documents on a simple, secure platform. Thanks to Orphea’s very efficient, response team, it’s now easy for us to manage thousands of photos, films, and documents.

Sandrine Jacquens – L’Oréal

Video center and E-Learning

Distribute and manage your videos to strengthen your digital strategy

As media that is both appealing and viral-ready, video accounts for one-third of our on line activity. Its production is becoming widespread. Video has become a major tool for the digital strategies of businesses and organizations. However, this media represents a major challenge in terms of data storage and reuse.

Orphea meets these needs by implementing custom video or E-Learning portals, enabling precise management of videos and animations.

Video centers made with Orphea DAM, which are popular in the media and A/V industries makes it possible to add value to existing videos on dedicated portals, and to adhere to copyright and licensing restrictions. Depending on how they are used, video centers can be associated with the Orphea RIM sales module and a wide range of features: File conversion processing, video editing, excerpting sequences, voice transcription, and more.

Work on the M6 Video Bank project with Orphea’s teams has been rich and constructive. (…) In addition to being ergonomic and powerful, the M6VideoBank has a multitude of features that facilitate the automation of our processes. The platform ensures that we have better traceability in how we use our video.

Martine Carouge – M6 Group

Brand Center

Unite your teams and harmonize your communications

A Brand Center centralizes all components of a company’s identity. It is intended both for employees and outside partners, who are tasked with expanding recognition of the company and promoting its brand universe.

Orphea sets up custom Brand Centers in the image of its clients, offering them key features of its DAM technology.

With different access levels and validation workflows, communication agencies, photographers, journalists, and outside partners can access the portal. This makes the platform a tool for collaboration, team unity, and sharing and distributing the media produced (logos, style guide, editorial guide, templates for newsletters or communication materials, icons, fonts, etc.).

We chose Orphea to manage our Brand Center. We store all of our brand ingredients there (logo, type, icons, sounds, style guide, pictograms, etc.) as well as all the materials created by the various communications departments. It’s our memory bank, in a way! 

Soline de Chalain – SFR

Media sales

Manage and monetize your media

Monetizing media requires managing and utilizing them well, in addition to making them commercially available.

Orphea has set up a powerful, reliable media sales system. Combined with its DAM technology, the Royalty Invoice Management (RIM) module enables the monetization of your digital assets: Media sales, orders, invoicing, providing videos, sharing documents, etc.


Managing your digital assets: The 4 essential steps

The goal of this free whitepaper is to detail for you the 4 steps that will ensure optimal use of your Digital Asset Management solution, as well as efficient use of your media.

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