Orphea joins forces with leading partners

As part of its development and the changes to its solutions, Orphea joins forces with export partners to expand its commercial and technological capabilities.

Orphea's tech partners

  • Orphea’s tech partners led by our R&D department enable us to build new features and innovations into our Digital Asset Management products. APIs, extensions, ready-to-use connectors, new features: We form partnerships with innovative companies and experts in their fields, including artificial intelligence, deep learning, translation, image recognition, auto-tagging, digital asset compliance, creating videos and animation, watermarking, etc.


Orphea's business partners

  • Orphea’s business partners primarily seek to promote our technology around the world and provide high-value content to our clients. Used by thousands of people in over 170 countries, Orphea has gradually gained fame in the Digital Asset Management sector through its partners. Based in Europe and around the world, they benefit from lasting, personalized guidance (training, support functions, contract writing, solution implementation, etc.). This enables them to begin an effective, value-enhancing approach to development until they are able to manage local operations on their own.


Our partners include:

Adasto is a web and communications agency specialized in marketing, advertising, graphic design and publishing. Adasto offers a Digital Asset Management solution in partnership with Orphea Italy. Companies such as Mondadori, Edison.. have already chosen this software.

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LAMARK came about as a result of a meeting between researchers, engineers, and photography lovers at INRIA (the French national institute of computing and automation research). The company specializes in image identification solutions. Its digital watermarking technologies are integrated into Orphea solutions.

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Bluedog is a communication and web marketing agency that manages strategic projects for companies. Bluedog helps its clients conceive, design, and develop innovative solutions that add value to their business. Bluedog is an Italy-based partner that provides tech and business support.

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Grapheast ME is a technology company specializing in graphic art and design in the Middle East. The agency develops innovative tools and applications.  Grapheast, based in the United Arab Emirates, also sells Orphea solution creation software in the Middle East.

Veriflies, a specialist in Digital Asset Compliance, is a digital content certification system. Veriflies ensures the quality and compliance of media and digital content production, both technical and in terms of copyright.  This solution is available in Orphea DAM.

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For more than 40 years, LOCARCHIVES has been designing and deploying global, customized solutions for optimizing the organization, management, and storage of both digital and physical records with custom solutions. LOCARCHIVES helps us optimize our digitization processes.

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Managing your digital assets: The 4 essential steps

The goal of this free whitepaper is to detail for you the 4 steps that will ensure optimal use of your Digital Asset Management solution, as well as efficient use of your media.

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