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In the all-digital age, companies, institutions, and local governments rely on digital strategies in order to develop interactions with their clients and employees, and thereby increase their renown and their business.

As a result, this proliferation of digital assets requires organization and genuine control over their digital assets. Orphea, through its Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, develops and implements custom, collaborative, ergonomic platforms for storing and managing all types of multimedia files.

Digital Asset Management

Orphea Digital Asset Management software can be used locally or on a hosted system, offering a wide range of media storage, management and distribution functionalities. This solution particularly enables the importing of all types of files into a single place, and their conversion and indexing into a structured organization.

Orphea DAM facilitates multi-channel distribution (Intranet, Internet, smartphones, etc.), compatible with all Web technologies. The solution has complex search, access management, and copyright functions.

The 10 key benefits of Digital Asset Management


Store all file types in hundreds of formats


Index each digital resource precisely by batch and unit


Structure the organization of resources


Program workflows based on each company’s own business processes


Preserve the history of collaboration


Automate notifications and alerts at key deadlines


Send digital assets to internal and external partners


Share resources via social media and third-party apps


Market your digital media and content online


Protect copyright and licensing

Royalty Invoice Management

Orphea Royalty and Invoice Management (RIM) is the management tool that complements Orphea DAM. It is specially designed for companies committed to monetizing their digital assets: Photo sales, orders, video distribution, etc.

Orphea RIM makes it possible to handle flows of orders placed online through the user interface and to calculate royalties to rights-holders. RIM makes it possible to export payment data to accounting software.

The key functions of the RIM module include:

  • Generating client invoices and purchase orders.
  • Assigning rates based on clients’ sectors of activity or by image category.
  • Encrypted orders, online payment, and automated or manual delivery of HD files.
  • Invoicing and calculating copyrights.
  • Ordering prints and other derivative products based on screen images.
  • Monitoring based on web user activities.
  • Statistical reports and exports to accounting tools.

Managing your digital assets: The 4 essential steps

The goal of this free whitepaper is to detail for you the 4 steps that will ensure optimal use of your Digital Asset Management solution, as well as efficient use of your media.

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