A thesaurus? No, its not a dinosaur!

Thesaurus is a Latin word; this kind allows you to rank a list of values and make a tree out of them. 

That tree will make indexing easier by putting terms or descriptors in relation to one another. There are three types of terms:

  • Generic term (GT): Represents a broad concept, which several terms fall under.
  • Specific term (ST): A term whose concept is more limited, falling under one or more generic terms.
  • Related term (RT): A term which is mentally associated with others, without needing to be part of the same hierarchy.

These terms may have multiple types of relationships:

  • Hierarchical relationships (generic term or specific term).
  • Synonym relationships (synonymous term or spelling variant).
  • Associative relationships (related term).
  • Linguistic relationships (term translated into other languages).

In summary, the thesaurus is a classification (taxonomy) to which associative relationships and hierarchical relationships are added. It is aimed at classifying terms thematically and thereby facilitates associations of ideas.

Using a thesaurus in a Digital Asset Management system makes it possible to standardize indexing and avoid writing errors. This makes it possible to classify resources and media by identifying, describing, and categorizing them. This indexing work is essential to finding content that is searched for more easily and quickly with a broad search field.

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